Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today's scrapbook theme was Cats or Dogs! I used the Cricut Lite Cartridge-Meow to make this scrapbook with all my granddaughter's cats and kittens!  As school is dismissing for the summer, that's a great time to get your kids involved in crafting and sharing your favorite hobby will give you time to chat with them and share family stories while you scapbook photos of the family. In this case, it's her family... but take a  look!

We used Meow to cut out the cats,various other carts to cut out the names in different fonts,  and my lovely assistant, Emily- added some stickers to the pages. She took the photos with a disposal camera then brought it back here and we had the photos developed. I had told her to get up close and make sure to get good photos.  There are additional pages, and room for her to add journaling. She wrote a story about her cats and the adventures they have at her house! It's in there too! She'll look back on this and laugh some day! She is real cat lover as is her Mom, and a great-grandmother. Me-not so much! I have an allergy so just can't be around them, but I had a blast working on this with her. She thinks all my machines and supplies are going to be hers some day! Her Mom says not so and I have a friend who would argue with that! Take some time this summer to spend with your favorite little ones-you'll be glad you did! And let them make the pages! So what if they break rules, or don't do it like you might! There aren't any scrapbook police and it will mean a lot to them and help their self-esteem if they learn how to express them selves! She loves this book and is so proud of it and how she helped make it!
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