Sunday, January 13, 2013

Creative Kuts

Good Morning! I hope you all are following the fun over at Creative Kuts on Facebook! This is a new layout just going into the store!! Here's the link for you  There are lots of awesome new files over there and what I love about Chery's files are the people have hands, with fingers! Not paws.. so realistic! She's all about the details. Check out what I did with the Teariffic Time file:

Tea and cupcakes, yummy! I put 4 oval mats and the scalloped backgrounds, all in the file and added the tea cups, title, and girls! Wow, that's a lot of files in one set.. but isn't this cute? It'd be perfect for your little girls tea party or just a get together. You could add journaling to the tea cups, or add another title to fit your needs. I love how the people have fingers, and the eyes are all on the file so no need to draw or stamp them in. The other file I used this month is the Happy New Year file.
It's not in the store as of this writing but should be anytime. Check under what's new or Holidays, or even the Bear category. It's cute and both these files would be great for elements for cards or other projects.

These bears are so cute!! They are ready to celebrate a wonderful 2013! Look at their dragon costume and lanterns! Festive huh? I added mats, inked all the pieces, and I think the dragon on the left has designs on the dragon peeking over the photo mat on the right... I added some bling to the red lanterns tassels. See what I mean about detail in her files? You can almost hear the festivities can't you? Now to add some photos and this file is in the album!
Over on Creative Kuts at Facebook, they are doing Crop On Line. Seriously, there are currently 3 new files being offered for 5.00 each. You pay through paypal, for whichever file you want, (or all 3) and there's a mini book file as well. Cheryl is offering lots of freebies.. for each file you purchase, you get to choose a door. What's behind the doors? We don't know but they are files or digi stamps to go with your files... last ones was awesome! And unlike Let's Make A Deal, no zonks!! Head over to the store at to see what all is there. Then head to Facebook to get in on the fun and don't forget on Monday and Tuesdays it's BAP days. Check out the awesome projects fans have done with those free files!!  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Janet I just love browsing your blog .. you have so much cool stuff on here...
    love your layouts.. fabulous!!!!

  2. I with Laura, you have a cool blog! I'm just not very good at writing or explaining my projects. I love your layouts!! I love Cherly's files too!!


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