Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April is Autism Awareness Month. These always bother me, as whatever the cause is, people, families, and providers deal with it every month. Why do we just focus on one month? It is a good time to bring the cause to raise awareness, but we need to stop and say a prayer every day, or week, or month. I learned a long time ago, that when ever I hear a siren, fire, police, or ambulance, it's important to stop and take a minute, to say a prayer for those involved in the situation and for those responding. They often don't know what they're walking into.. anyway, we were given a file for Autism Awareness and in the midst of cutting it I became ill.  First I was told a sinus infection, then it worsened, and labeled Acute Bronchitis... then it bordered on Pneumonia... who would name an illness Acute? There was nothing Cute about it! Anyway, I'm back on the mend and wanted to post at least half the layout before April was over. Take a look and then I'll tell you my intention to finish this layout and will post the final one later..
Autism uses the puzzle piece to represent their mission. I love it, and found this great puzzle 12 x 12 paper. The words are powerful messages that I use with the older girl programs I do. So important to be unique. After all, you might as well be yourself as everyone else is taken! A little mystery is a good thing! What did we all do before Facebook?? Who could call all your friends to tell them you were at a restaurant or going to bed?  And always interesting! Don't we all have a story to tell? Of course, we do., it's what makes us us! My grand daughter loves to do puzzles and last summer we did a huge one of the Planets and Space. By huge I mean at least 3 foot by 4 foot or better, and once we finished it, I had it framed. I loved my Earth Science classes and she loves studying about the planets and enjoys going to the Planetarium here to take part in the programs they do.  I'm going to put her photo on this page and on the adjoining page, a photo of the large puzzle, her Mom and I for her album. It took all of us quite a bit of time... anyway, thanks for stopping by today! Check back as I have some upcoming projects in the works, that I think you'll enjoy!!


  1. You are truly UNIQUE!!! No one else that I know can put a smile on my face like you with just a few words on a post! You should write a book, you have such a way with words. Great puzzle paper idea and let's hope for a break in this disorder. Happy you are back from an "aCUTE" illness because you are just too cute not to be around crafting and writing!
    Creative Wishes
    Claire S

    1. Claire you are just too sweet for words!! Thank you for your kind comment! Have a wonderful day, you've just made mine!

  2. Thank you for this inspirational write up and for the layout. I have a autistic granddaughter and she is my pride and joy. I would never change her. She is so unique .


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