Saturday, August 3, 2013

This file is Growing up Someday! Haven't we all looked in the mirror at some point and imagined ourselves older, wiser, prettier? This paper is from a stack I picked up at the Big Lots. The background is actually cats, but together they look like a wallpaper print. My granddaughter loves cats, and I think I'll put some notes in the pocket of how when she came to visit me, we'd play "spa". I closed my bathroom door, and she'd knock and ask if I was "open". We'd comb or brush her hair on the chair in front of the mirror at the vanity and paint her finger nails and toenails. She'd tell me about school, or home, or her cats. It was if I wasn't her grandmother but actually her beautician. Sometimes she'd spill her guts to me and I could give her some sound grandmotherly advice! Now she's 12 and doesn't need me to comb or brush her hair, but she does ask me too often. Maybe she misses those days we'd have those little conversations. Maybe  my "spa" will be open the next time she comes to visit.


  1. Love your layout,Very Pretty!Enjoy while they are young,they grow up to fast!!!Have a Blessed day!!!

  2. Your layout and memories are beautiful. tfs.


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