Friday, March 6, 2015

Disco, Tiger Beat, Pet Rocks, Mood Rings, and Platform Shoes...
Cassette Tapes, Roller Skates, Loves Baby Soft and Boob Tubes.
If you were a child in the Groovy 70's then you most likely remember all of these Dynomite things!

Thank you for joining us in this Far Out Blog Hop celebrating Connie's Birthday!
The 1970's were full of style, fashion, and fun. What better way to celebrate a birthday!
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Happy Birthday Connie!!!

I graduated high school in 1970! Go Purple Eagles!!  My friends and I roller skated every weekend! Who couldn't wait for the next issue of Tiger Beat to get those posters of the boy singers/bands? The country had a lot going on! Vietnam War, Hippies, and the phycadellic music and drug culture had parents worried!  It was a fun time, and even with all that going on, such a much calmer lifestyle! We still talked face to face or on a rotary phone! I recently took a class on making an album about yourself. I'm always the one taking the photos, and glad to be, because I hate how I look in photos. But I would like to write my own story so my grandchildren or even great grandchildren would know more about the period I grew up in, and what was going on in my life. I think I'm the person I am because of life's experiences, both good and bad. I'd like to know more about the choices I made, good and bad, and try to let them know, what life was like for me starting out on my own, and where that path has led. I'm hopeful that maybe they will see a rough spot or two is not the end of the world. So I made my title page for my album. I used Close To My Heart cardstock for the background. I found these Varsity Letters in Purple at a clearance rack! Score!! Thought they'd be perfect and reminded me of my cords we wore. I had my cords every year and my friends signed them. I wish I had kept them, but gave them to friends who opened a bar here and decorated it with the former high schools memorabilia. Anyway, this is my Senior photo. It was not taken in color then, but in that Sepia tone. My boyfriend at the time, who was drafted but ended up in Korea, took a small photo with him. He met an artist in Korea who painted the photo and much to my surprise, pretty close to the colors of shirt I had on and my hair. I was surprised my boyfriend had remembered. He had a large framed photo made and sent back to me. I still have it. (It's in the closet) Shortly after this photo was taken prior to my Senior year, I was in an auto accident and went through a windshield. No seat belts back in those days. The Emergency room shaved my hair from my ears forward. Mulletts weren't in style either then... this was the last time I had long hair and frosted it. Since then I tend to wear my hair parted the same way to cover some scars, and at my age now, long hair is more trouble than it's worth. This photo brings back so many memories, good and bad.. the boys in my Senior class never missed a chance to make fun of my scalp and the scarring during healing. I see a young woman who had her life in front of her, and for whatever reasons, the road hasn't always been easy, but I've come's made me who I am today.
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Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane as we head back to the 70's!!

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  1. thanks so much for sharing your story! great cover, too!

  2. What a awesome lessen you are giving to your future generations! This is a wonderful idea to make a scrapbook about your life. They will always know who you were and what made you, you. Thanks for sharing this idea with us.

  3. The photo of you on the layout almost looks like a painting. I'm glad you want to share your story with future generations. We lose so much when people die and haven't recorded their stories. Kuddos to you.

  4. Good job! Your picture is really pretty.

  5. Good for you for creating your album about YOU!!! Love the layou/album cover and the memories you shared with us!!!

  6. I love this layout. and what an inspiring story. I love how the painting looks just like a photo.

  7. Great job on the story of you and love the layout... thank you for sharing

  8. Thanks for sharing your high school story! Great the purple,

  9. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of days gone by.....

  10. I love the simplicity of your layout & thanks for sharing your story/memories!

  11. I too loved the story, thanks for sharing. I love this layout yes because of its simplicity but it tells a story in itself. Life was more simple back then and this is a great reminder of that! Love the 70's Loves- Madge

  12. Awesome story! Love the LO!

  13. Great story, thanks for sharing. Love hangin' with you again.

    See ya later alligator,

  14. Janet I love your story. Explains some of why you are so amazing!! You went through a lot. I'm sorry. This album will be amazing too and your cover is beautiful.
    Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday with style!! Scrappy hugs, Connie

  15. I love your story thank you for sharing!


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