Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello! Today is my turn and wait till you see what I've been working on! We've been celebrating Grandparents this month.. and of course I have taken advantage of that and used my granddaughter in several posts this month! Today I used the file to make this two page layout! Cheryl has been busy over at the store.. you should see all the new files! And if you've not been following the Facebook posts, you're missing out on some great fun! Here's the layout:

A few  years ago, Emily was spending the night here on a regular basis. And she loved to play spa! She wanted me to pretend I was the Beauty Operator (which I was licensed) and shut the door to my bathroom. We had remodeled it and I put in a vanity and a great area to pamper myself.. anyway, she'd knock on the door and ask if I was open. I'd say come on in! As she got her bath, and hair washed, dried, she'd soon forget I was grandma and just talk away! She was going through some serious family issues as her parents were divorcing and she'd tell me just what had been going on. Much to my dismay! We'd chat and hopefully those conversations helped her or at least knew she was safe with me and I'd watch out for her. She still loves to play in my vanity and with all the makeup, etc. She even made a sign for the door and a price list of the services! She had no idea how much or big those numbers were! I told her hugs and kisses would be just fine for payment for me! Anyway, this file reminded me of those fond memories and if I don't have any photos, I'll take some the next time she wants her hair styled or nails done. She's old enough now she doesn't need help with baths.. but she is asking about shaving her legs... perhaps another service to add to the list.  Head over to the store to see what's new. If you're not taking part in the Monday fun with the BAP's (Build A Project) you are missing some great files! Here's my slider card for this week's!

I hope you're smiling today! Have a terrific weekend! Check out the blog for other great ideas and projects.

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