Sunday, October 21, 2012

Something different on my blog today! Usually it's a scrapbook layout, or card, or something with paper and stamps, inks, or whatever strikes my fancy! I love these wreaths over on Pinterest, and then saw tons of them at the Parke County Bridge Festival this past weekend.  SOOO pretty! But, they were more expensive than I really wanted to pay being a craft minded woman, decided I could make one myself!
I thought I'd run to our local Hobby Lobby after work the other day and found this wide mesh ribbon in lots of colors in the floral department. When I saw the blues and silver, I knew I wanted to do a winter one that could stay up longer than just through the holidays. I bought two rolls of blues, one is lighter and one silver and all were 5.99 a roll. I picked up a wreath form, floral wire and then thought how pretty if I added these bright blue ornaments and silver snowflakes! I'm on a roll now... then got a Red/Green roll that was 21 inches wide, just in case I wanted to do something else for the holidays, then scrapbooking stuff was 40% off, and other items, so of course I had to shop and that trip cost more than 2 of the wreaths at the festival but at least I have the pleasure of making my own!!
It was super easy, and I had it done within 2-3 hours. Got a phone call so hard to say how long I talked.. LOL  sounds like I have Attention Deficiet Disorder doesn't it? Anyway, maybe I've inspired you to try something new today! And this is so easy, if you can wrap wire around ribbon, you've got it mastered! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Stunning wreath... GORGEOUS!!! :))

  2. I was there this past week also and i saw lots of these wreaths also. But I have to tell you that yours really looks better than some that I saw.

  3. Janet,
    This is gorgeous. Love the colors!!
    My Cricut Craft Room Design Team


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